The members of the Centre shall be the subscribers to the Memorandum of Association and such other persons (being eligible for membership) as the Council shall resolve to admit to membership of the Centre. The Council shall have the power to refuse admission to an applicant for membership if in its opinion admission would be likely to be contrary to the interests of the Centre. The following persons shall be eligible to become members, namely:-

  1. Any person who is a Bangladesh national or is connected to Bangladesh through birth, descent, marriage or domicile and has attained the age of eighteen.
  2. Any person who is in the opinion of the Council interested in or whose membership would in their opinion be likely to assist in the furtherance of the objects of the Centre.

Provided that no person, other than the subscribers to the Memorandum shall become a member unless and until his name shall, with his consent in writing, be entered as a member in the register of members of the Centre.

Members shall be classified into five categories and in each case shall sign a pledge in the form contemplated by Clause 3 provision (vi) of the Memorandum of Association.

Founder Member or Founder Corporate Member:
Being actively involved in the formation of the Bangladesh Centre London. The status and rights of Founder Members including Founder Corporate Members shall not be transmissible and in the case of Founder Members shall cease on death.

Permanent Member:
Any person who shall contribute the required sum of £1000 (one thousand pound) as stated on the last Resolution can become a Permanent Member.

Permanent Corporate Member:
Any registered association or institution formed and organised by members of Bangladeshi Community for the benefit the Bangladeshi community in UK who shall contribute the required sum of £2,500 to the fund of the Centre can hereinafter called a Permanent · Corporate Member.  Their representation to the Centre shall be restricted to one nominated person.

Life Member:
Any person who shall contribute to the Fund of the Centre the sum of one hundred pounds as a subscription for life, hereinafter called as Life Members.

General Member:
Any person who shall contribute to the Fund of the Centre, a sum of five pounds as annual subscription, hereinafter called as General Member.



**Membership subscriptions fees may be increased with the approval of members present at the Annual General Meeting.